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Look how angry the skies are, Look.

Watch what is happening. Look.

Look how angry the water is, look how angry the air is. Look how angry the earth is. They all saying, ” Ya Rabbi, give us permission. Earth is saying, give me permission ya Rabbi, that I have never carried this kind of creatures above me. Give me permission, let me throw them away. That they are stepping on me, I’ll send them in that emptiness, in that black hole that you are talking, swallowing the area, pulling them in.”

Still Allah SWT, patience, with this little creature that He has created.

When will you wake up?


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Allah swt is saying to you and to me, “ If your prayers are not there, if you don’t have any prayer, if you are not asking from me, what then is your value?”

You give value to yourself according to what? According to you looking at that mirror?

And you say, “ I look like this today. Tomorrow like that.” And every day you are looking to check that every day you are getting wrinkle. Every day you are getting older.

The older you get, today’s people, the more arrogant and stubborn they become.

Resistant and fighting against to who?


To nobody else except to Allah. Because every single day, you have been forced to walk one more step towards to your grave. But every single day, you have forgotten that you are walking towards to your grave.

Every single day, instead of preparing yourself to your grave, instead of sending things to your grave. Instead of sending good deeds to your grave. You made good deeds, you turn around, you destroy them, and you send so many bad things to your grave.

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