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Friday, RabiulAwal 29, 1432 (March 4, 2011)

Seyh Abdul Kerim Efendi is saying that although the Muslims of today have faith in their hearts, they have lost their religion and that they are running after all wrong kinds of knowledge, especially from the internet and facebook. Muslims today are running after western knowledge but western knowledge is only planting seeds of distrust of Prophet (SAWS) in their hearts. The most important thing and the foundation for a Muslim is the Shahadat. sheytan is running to fool Muslims and take their Shahadat away. Seyh Efendi is mentioning the remembrance of death and saying that in these days Muslims must protect their Shahadat.

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Saturday RabiulAwal 2, 1432 (February 5, 2011)

After Fajr prayer, a murid asked Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi about the story of Hazrat Aziz Mahmud Hudai (KS). Sheykh Abdul Kerim talked about how this Saint went from being a prominent judge in the Ottoman Empire to becoming a humble murid of Sheykh Uftade Hazretleri. Sheykh Abdul Kerim spoke about the severe tests that Hz. Aziz Mahmud Hudai went through and how he ultimately became the Sheykh of the Ottoman Sultans.

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Friday Evening, RabiAwal 15, 1432 (February 18, 2011)

Seyh Abdul Kerim is saying that so many people do not know why they are living and they are suffering for being disconnected from ahirat. When you know that Azrail (Angel of Death) may strike at any second, and you don’t know if you will go out as a believer, how can you enjoy dunya? Come to the love of ALLAH swt through love of His Holy Prophet (saws), because everything in creation was created for his sake. Mehdi (as) is one man from Ahl ul-Beyt who is coming to change the direction from dunya toward ahirat.

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